Data is noisy, no matter how it’s obtained.

We excel at cutting through the noise to find the key points, answering our clients’ most important questions and making strategic recommendations.

We’re getting some complaints about our products, do we need to make a major change to it?

Fortune 500 Apparel Company

Beall Research conducted a wear test in which 150 individuals in 6 different markets wore several products from this clothing manufacturer. One of the products was one they had been getting negative feedback on, other versions were older products along with a new version. Consumers evaluated their experiences with these products for several days via an Internet survey. We then interviewed a subset of them about their experiences with each product through individual interviews.

We found that the product in question was superior to the older versions. No changes were made to the product line, which saved the manufacturer millions.

What is our brand’s position in the market? How are our tires performing compared to our competitors

Leading Tire Maker

We provide the tire manufacturer with on-going studies tracking brand perceptions and have determined the effectiveness of their advertising. We also have collected over 40,000 customer surveys for over 50 of their tires and have determined which aspects of the tire’s performance lead customers to repurchase them.

The results have been used to make major changes to this manufacturer’s product line and have increased customer satisfaction and likelihood to repurchase these tires.

What are the major segments in the market? What products and communications will be most effective with them?

Major Domain & Website Provider

We provided an overview of the major segments in the market and the specific needs and behaviors for each segment. We also identified the high-value segments that should be targeted for the business.

The client used our segmentation algorithm to assign current and prospective customers into segments. They now offer specific products and certain communications to certain segments. They have watched their business increase tremendously as a result.

Should we acquire Company X?

Private Equity Firm

We have conducted several large-scale Internet surveys across a variety of product and service categories in numerous countries to provide clear information about the attractiveness of acquiring specific companies.

We have done this type of work since we started in 2003.