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Full-Service Research

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  • Brand Health
  • A&U
  • Tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Concept/Product testing
  • Product optimization
  • Pricing
  • Drivers and barriers
  • Advertising testing
  • Exit interviews
  • Due diligence

Advanced Analytics

  • Segmentation
  • Conjoint/choice modeling
  • Predictive modeling
  • Sales modeling
  • Driver analysis
  • MaxDiff analysis
  • TURF analysis
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Digital Listening

Scraping and extensive analysis (including psychological linguistic analysis) of reviews, blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.


  • Online discussion forums
  • Online focus groups
  • Focus groups
  • Shop-alongs
  • Drive-alongs
  • In-depth interviews
  • In-home interviews
  • Communications testing
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Brands & Emotions

Brands that are emotionally evocative and that make us feel good, particularly about ourselves, are the ones we engage with the most. At Beall Research, we specialize in answering the following questions:
  • What emotions does your brand evoke in current and potential customers?
  • How does your brand make people feel about themselves when they decide to engage with you?
  • What is the emotional journey that your customers experience after they buy?
  • What specific emotions (about the brand and about oneself) should you be optimizing?
  • What role do emotions play in your overall brand health?

We use both qualitative and quantitative research to identify when and where emotions play a role in the decision to purchase products and services among your current and potential customers.

Due Diligence

We excel at due-diligence research – the speed, the focus, and the need to provide a clear and direct answer -- which we often conduct for private equity firms and major management consulting companies.

We’ve conducted over 100 of these types of studies since 2003. In fact, one of the first studies we conducted was for a major private equity firm that wanted to determine if they should acquire a consumer-goods company. Our research showed that this target wouldn’t be a good investment and the PE firm walked away. They were glad they did, because that company eventually went bankrupt.

This and other work is discussed in the chapter: Winning with Customer Insight, which is contained in the book: The Operating Partner in Private Equity.

We take this work seriously. It’s highly confidential and conducted on very short timeframes. If you want to talk about research that will help you evaluate a potential acquisition or investment opportunity, please contact us.

Quantitative Research

We have extensive experience conducting strategic quantitative studies to address a range of business issues, including:

  • Brand Equity and Tracking
  • Advertising Effectiveness Tracking
  • Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage
  • Needs, Drivers, and Barriers Identification
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Optimization of Concepts, Products, and Lines
  • Impact of Product and Pricing Changes
  • Prioritization of Concept/Product Elements
  • Product Testing
  • Shopper Insights

We regularly conduct studies that are:

  • Local, National, and International
  • Small to Large Scale
  • Simple to Extremely Complex
  • Quick Turn-Around to Long-Term Tracking

We provide strong analytics, including:

  • Conjoint and Choice Modeling
  • Segmentation – Needs and Occasions Based
  • TURF
  • MaxDiff
  • Regression
  • Factor
  • Perceptual Mapping

Our highly experienced team understands your business issues, designs custom research to fully address your objectives, applies the right analyses, and provides reports with meaningful insights and actionable recommendations.

Text Analysis

Digital Listening

We conduct custom text analysis and apply linguistics analysis to online reviews, observations, and articles about brands, products, and services. Digital listening text analysis provides deep insights regarding what current and potential customers are saying about brands and their competitors.  The analysis is a cost- and time-efficient method of identifying consumer perceptions in data already available online in reviews, blogs, social media, etc.

Each text analysis is customized to the client or target brand and to a set of research objectives/hypotheses.  Text analysis can be used to address a range of topics, including: brand/product perceptions, source of awareness, usage occasion, purchase channel, satisfaction, emotions associated with brands, purchase drivers and barriers, changes in perceptions over time, and performance versus competitors.

Digital Listening

Qualitative Research

We conduct focus groups, one-on-one interviews, shop-alongs, dine-alongs, and observational studies.  We do research in digital and mobile spaces, with video diaries, in-vivo smartphone diaries, online focus groups, and online discussion forums. We test advertising, new products, and new services. We understand key attitudes, determine what drives behavior and identify the language that people use to describe their thoughts and feelings about brands, products and services.

What makes the difference between a run-of-the mill qualitative research and great work? The moderator. Our moderators are deeply-experienced, RIVA trained and use our proprietary method of reading body language, PERCEIVE™, developed by our founder, Dr. Anne Beall. We believe that people often cannot or will not tell us what really matters. Good questions, great probing, and astute observation of body language often uncover the insights used to drive business decisions.

And we love this work. We love talking to consumers and learning what makes them tick. We love using these findings to help organizations make better products and services and communicate more effectively with their customers.


Researchers estimate that between 60 and 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. At Beall Research, we take that to heart and pay close attention to what research respondents say when they're not speaking. We code facial expressions and nonverbal communications for in-person research and online methodologies that provide video.

Our method of reading nonverbal communication is called PERCEIVE, as described in Reading Hidden Communications Around You.

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