What makes the difference between excellent and poor market research?

It’s the nature of the question that’s asked.

Sometimes, the question you think you need to answer isn’t the one that will drive your business forward.

The Beall Difference

At Beall Research, we specialize in the strategic-question approach. We have a process we use that identifies the real questions that need to be answered based on the current business situation and specific objectives.

We then work with you to determine your hypotheses that need to be tested. It’s a different way of doing market research. You’ll be impressed.

And we use a variety of tools to answers these questions.

Questions we've answered for our clients

  • What determines customer loyalty and switching behavior?
  • Should we invest in a potential new business acquisition?
  • How can we extend our current brands to new products and services?
  • What is the size of a current or potential market?
  • What new products are likely to generate the most potential revenue for us?
  • What should we communicate about new products and services to ensure their success after launch?
  • What are the current unmet needs of our customers?
  • How do our customers experience our products and services?
  • What are the market segments and how do they differ?
  • What changes do current products/services need to increase revenue?
  • What are consumers’ perceptions of our current or new advertising and will it drive consideration/purchase of our product?

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