Beall Research

We’re frustrated by market research that isn’t insightful or actionable

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What differentiates us: psychologically-inspired frameworks to identify the underlying drivers of behavior–such as emotions. Through years of experience and research, we’ve learned that consumers don’t think their way through the marketplace; they feel their way to purchasing.

How we do this?

We collect and analyze emotional experience and expression through self-reported measures, facial expressions, and body language.  We have a framework for identifying and analyzing the emotions brands evoke in consumers.  And we leverage these insights in qualitative and quantitative work.

Questions we’ve answered for our clients

  • What determines customer loyalty and switching behavior?
  • Should we invest in a potential new business acquisition?
  • How can we extend our current brands to new products and services?
  • What is the size of a current or potential market?
  • What new products are likely to generate the most potential revenue for us?
  • What should we communicate about new products and services to ensure their success after launch?
  • What are the current unmet needs of our customers?
  • How do our customers experience our products and services?
  • What are the market segments and how do they differ?
  • What changes do current products/services need to increase revenue?
  • What are consumers’ perceptions of our current or new advertising and will it drive consideration/purchase of our product?