ServicesQualitative Research

Often the first step of any project. We conduct focus groups, one-on-one interviews, shop-alongs, dine-alongs, and observational studies.  We do research in digital and mobile spaces, with video diaries, in-vivo smartphone diaries, online focus groups, and online discussion forums. We test advertising, new products, and new services. We understand key attitudes, determine what drives behavior and identify the language that people use to describe their thoughts and feelings about brands, products and services.

What makes the difference between a run-of-the mill qualitative research and great work? The moderator. Our moderators are deeply-experienced, RIVA trained and use our proprietary method of reading body language, PERCEIVE™, developed by our founder, Dr. Anne Beall. We believe that people often cannot or will not tell us what really matters. Good questions, great probing, and astute observation of body language often uncover the insights used to drive business decisions.

And we love this work. We love talking to consumers and learning what makes them tick. We love using these findings to help organizations make better products and services and communicate more effectively with their customers.