ServicesDue Diligence

We excel at due-diligence research – the speed, the focus, and the need to provide a clear and direct answer — which we often conduct for private-equity firms and major management consulting companies.

We’ve conducted over 100 of these types of studies since 2003. In fact, one of the first studies we conducted was for a major private equity firm that wanted to determine if they should acquire a consumer-goods company. Our research showed that this target wouldn’t be a good investment and the PE firm walked away. They were glad they did, because that company eventually went bankrupt.

This and other work is discussed in the chapter: Winning with Customer Insight, which is contained in the book: The Operating Partner in Private Equity.

We take this work seriously. It’s highly confidential and conducted on very short timeframes. If you want to talk about research that will help you evaluate a potential acquisition or investment opportunity, please contact us.