ServicesDigital Listening or Text Analysis

What do all those product/service reviews really say?  What are consumers telling us about their perceptions of brands? And what are the emotions that products/services and their associated brands are triggering?

Do you have a short timeframe for your research or a reduced budget?  Consider Digital Listening.

Digital listening provides analyses of reviews, social media and any other digital content.  Using this method, we can tell you how positively and negatively consumers view a product or service and why.  We can tell you how competitors are viewed vis-à-vis your brand and what the strengths and weaknesses are for each brand.  We also conduct a special analysis that looks at the cognitions that people have about products and services.  We look at:

Linguistic Processes, including

  • Tenses (past, present or future), which reveals how much the consumer is thinking about their past or possible future experiences with the product/brand
  • Pronoun use (1st, 2nd, 3rd person and impersonal), which reveals degree of personal identification or external identification with the brand/product

Psychological Processes, including

  • Social processes, which reveal how much they are discussing family and friends and their involvement
  • Emotions, which show how positively or negatively consumer say they feel as well as specific emotions like anger, anxiety and sadness
  • Cognitive processes, which show how much consumers mentally engage on their experience through language expressing certainty or tentativeness, causation, and insight

Personal Concerns, including

  • Achievement, words related to success and accomplishment
  • Home, words related to the home and family
  • Leisure, words about free time activities
  • Money, words related to income, finances, and spend
  • Home, words related to the consumers’ living environments and spaces