Alice H. Eagly PhD, Anne E. Beall PhD, and Robert J. Sternberg PhD

The Psychology of Gender

2nd Edition

To what extent does gender influence our behavior, thoughts, and feelings? How do "nature" and "nurture" interact to shape our identities as female or male? And what are the effects of gender on the ways we are perceived and treated by others?

The second edition of this important text and reference confronts the central questions pertaining to gender differences and similarities across the lifespan. Rather than focusing on a particular viewpoint, the volume is carefully designed to foster comparison among different lines of psychological research and provide a broad survey of cutting-edge work in the field.

It is rare to see a volume that does justice to the diversity of approaches to the psychology of gender...

Peter Glick, PhD, Department of Psychology, Lawrence University

This stimulating, rich volume reflects the full array of gender theories, from hormones and evolution to socialization, social roles, identity, and culture...

Susan T. Fiske, PhD, Department of Psychology, Princeton University

...Offering a comprehensive exploration of the psychology of gender, the volume promises to serve as a solid basic text for graduate studies as well as a resource for scholars in the field.

Jan Yoder, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Akron

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