Anne E. Beall, PhD

Strategic Market Research (4th Edition)

A Guide to Conducting Research that Drives Business

Strategic market research is an approach that makes a large impact on the companies that use it. In Strategic Market Research, author Anne Beall shares her unique approach for conducting market research.

With more than fifteen years experience of conducting market research, Beall details a set of strategic research principles she has developed. Strategic Market Research discusses:

  • Identifying the strategic questions that will help a business
  • Using the right research techniques to answer these questions
  • Obtaining the level of depth required to have insight
  • Reading the nonverbal communications of research respondents when doing qualitative work
  • Identifying the emotional aspects of human behavior
  • Using statistical analyses to understand what drives markets
  • Going beyond the data to interpret the results and make strategic recommendations

In addition to talking about qualitative as well as quantitative research, Strategic Market Research provides real-life examples of how these concepts have been applied in businesses and non-profit organizations. Implementing the strategic approach from the beginning to the end of a project provides information that inspires and changes organizations.

[Strategic Market Research] should be mandatory reading for novices in the field of market research...

Julia Ann Charpentier, Forward Book Review

This small book succeeded in both capturing on a high level what doing research and doing it right is all about and at the same time it provides nuance into what to look for given how people actually behave...

Aaronbo, Amazon Review

This is the perfect primer for anyone who suspects that their business would be better if they made decisions about products, pricing, communication, etc., based on facts rather than guesswork...

Daniel P. Wallace, Amazon Review

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