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Anne E. Beall, PhD

Reading the Hidden Communications Around You

A Guide to Reading Body Language in the Workplace

Researchers estimate nonverbal cues comprise up to 93% of all communication.

How much are you missing?

With real-life examples, Reading Hidden Communications Around You helps you observe nonverbal behavior, use the PERCEIVE method to read people’s reactions and emotions, and present an appropriate response for each situation.

PERCEIVE focuses on identifying receptivity, like, dislike, discomfort, stress, deception and emotions. It can also be used for impression management to increase perceptions of credibility, trustworthiness and likeability in the workplace.

Author Anne Beall provides insight into the major aspects of nonverbal communication, including facial expressions, physical contact, eyes, gestures and voice, as well as proximity and relative orientation, which are the foundation of body language.

Whether you are seeking an edge in a business negotiation or a meeting, trying to become a more effective sales person or presenter, or just want to have a better sense of what your audience or colleagues are thinking (based on something other than their words), the PERCEIVE model will add immediate value...

L. Hanback, Amazon Review

The idea that there is an entire other language of information being communicated to us all the time via non-verbal elements is amazing (and extremely useful). Anne separates the various aspects of non-verbal communication into different components so that you can think about the implications of each one separately and actually start integrating her value added suggestions into work and personal life...

Scott Zuckerman, Amazon Review

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