Anne E. Beall, PhD

Heroic, Helpful, & Caring Cats

Felines Who Make a Difference

Dogs have masters; cats have staff. That old saying reflects the conventional wisdom about our favorite pets. Canines are loyal, friendly, obedient—man’s best friend—whereas felines are independent and aloof. But that stereotype clashes with the reality of untold cat companions, who know that their felines can be just as affectionate, devoted, and trainable as any dog.

Like Basil, a licensed therapist who comforts hospital patients and staff, hospice-care residents, and trauma victims. Or Belle, who repaid being rescued from a sewer in Costa Rica by becoming a devoted nurse to her companion during his lengthy illness. Or Peach, who can run obstacle courses, play a piano, and perform other amazing advanced tricks. Or the dozens of stray and feral cats who have inspired their caretakers to step up and become involved, hands-on advocates within their communities. These are just some of the real-life stories that animal advocate and psychologist Anne Beall shares in Heroic, Helpful, & Caring Cats.

These heartwarming anecdotes highlight how cats can comfort, inspire, and connect with the humans they love. Including Beall’s original research into American attitudes towards their furry friends, this book reveals the depths of connection and empathy people and cats can share. Read Heroic, Helpful, & Caring Cats to discover what feline fans have always known: if you want unconditional love, adopt a cat.

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