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Anne E. Beall, PhD

5-Minute Sleep Meditations

Fantasy Journeys with an Inspirational Message

So many of us struggle to fall asleep. The second our heads hit the pillow, our minds race through lengthy to-do lists, work problems, and the latest news. How do you wipe it all away so you can fall asleep? Psychologist Anne Beall’s 5-Minute Sleep Meditations: Fantasy Journeys with a Personal Message helps readers forget their worries, relax, and fall into a wonderful slumber. With over twenty-five guided meditations, this book takes readers on fantasy journeys to secret gardens, enchanted tree houses, and other imaginary worlds where they meet intelligent creatures, travel through time, and commune with nature. Each meditation leaves readers with an inspiring message that leads them to a state of tranquility: “You are one of the world’s perfect creatures,” “Your life is a wonderful adventure,” “Relax and let your body go,” are just some of the messages within. The Dalai Lama, experts at the Mayo Clinic, and even Oprah, tout meditation as a way to restore calm, bring inner peace, and improve sleep. Whether you’re suffering from difficulty falling asleep, unwelcome awakenings, or an ongoing sleep disorder, these nightly readings can prepare you for a deep and restful night’s sleep.

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