Value-based segmentation of small business and consumer markets for website services company


  • Identify segments based on potential value using easy to target characteristics
  • Profile the segments in detail to understand their differentiating needs, motivations, behaviors, etc.
  • Identify ways to target key segments with messaging and product

Research Design

  • Phase 1: Qualitative telephone interviews with professionals to inform the design of the next phase
  • Phase 2: Quantitative survey with 3,000 small businesses to identify the segments
  • Phase 3: Focus groups with members of each segment helped bring them to life
  • Phase 4: Quantitative survey and segmentation were recently repeated to update the small business segmentation and include consumers; 1,000 B2B respondents and 1,500 B2C respondents


  • Segmentation has driven how the client thinks about the market for several years
  • Client is better able to target communications and products to high-value potential customers
  • Segmentation shapes the marketing team’s messaging, sales team’s interactions with customers, and product team’s development of new products
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