The History (From our founder)

In 2003, I started Beall Research out of an armoire in my bedroom. I wanted to work with clients who had strategic questions that could be answered using market research. Although I had worked in great companies like BCG, I longed to be the master of my destiny. I wanted to recommend the types of research designs that I believed would best meet the client’s needs and to do the types of analyses and provide output that would be most useful.

I began with one client (whom I still work with today) and within a few months, the business was in the black. I rented office space downtown within the first year. Along the way, the demand for Beall Research’s services outgrew my 1-person model and I started to add staff.

Now, 16 years later, Beall Research has about 12 employees whom I am very proud to call colleagues. We have strong experience in industries ranging from consumer goods/services, retail environments, and B2B products/services. What hasn’t changed is our focus on answering strategic questions with research designs that are specific to the client’s market and specific business issue.

— Anne E. Beall PhD