Associate VP Quantitative ResearchSamantha Muscia

Samantha Muscia is Associate Vice President of Quantitative Research at Beall.  She brings an innate skill for optimizing complex research designs to maximize outcomes and fine-tune processes.   Samantha has over 15 years of experience working on nearly all types of research studies with a focus on A&Us, segmentations and concept / product testing.  She is fully vested in providing the most impactful research designs and insights that will drive growth for her clients; and she takes genuine pride in seeing the research she provides appear in market.  Samantha holds a B.S. in Marketing from Roosevelt University and has previously worked at Synovate, SMI / Alcott and Metrixlab.

As a true Chicagoan, she is a diehard Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears fan!  But between the baked goods she brings in and her daughters’ art adorning her office, you’d never guess that Samantha is a sci-fi aficionado with a black belt in karate.  And, yes, the force is strong with her.