We offer seminars on topics, such as: Voice of Consumer: An Overview of How to Conduct Actionable Research, and Reading the Hidden Communications Around You: A Guide to Understanding Non-verbal Communication. We also can design training that meets the unique needs of your organization.

Voice of Consumer Training

Based on the Dr. Beall’s book, Strategic Market Research, this seminar covers the basics of market research. We share our strategic approach for conducting research that drives business decisions for an organization.

  • We begin with the question: How does asking a good question make or break marketing research?
  • Collecting data that is actionable—what will you do with it?
  • Generating hypotheses to test.
  • Selecting the right tools.
  • An overview of each tool—its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Creating surveys and discussion guides.
  • Going beyond the obvious—seeing and hearing the insights.
  • Reading nonverbal communication of respondents.
  • Reading the Hidden Communications Around You

Why learn about body language?

  • Researchers have found that 60%+ of communication is nonverbal
  • Research in the workplace shows the impact of these skills
  • One can decode body language using PERCEIVE™
    • Proximity
    • Expressions
    • Relative orientation
    • Contact
    • Eyes
    • Individual gestures
    • Voice
    • Existence of adapters
  • Individuals can use PERCEIVE™ to identify liking, dislike, receptivity, discomfort, stress, underlying emotions and deception

This seminar teaches the basics of body language and helps attendees interpret the many pieces of communication that are often missed during professional interactions. Researchers have found that individuals who excel at reading body language are more effective at selling, are more persuasive, and are better at managing others. We will use a system called PERCEIVE to decode different interactions. We will also teach how one can use this system to appear more credible, likeable and trustworthy.