Ideation is another area of expertise for us. We design and facilitate ideation retreats for your team when you need to generate new ideas for products, services, campaigns, programs, and names.

We help our clients define the key platforms or target ideas to generate ideas for.

We then design a customized session plan, using original and fun-filled exercises that establish the positive emotional climate that innovative thinking calls for, and that evoke the new associations, connections, and leaps-of-imagination that innovative thinking produces.

We use a venue designed explicitly for ideation work, with an atmosphere that supports out the original thinker in us all.

We have exciting and experienced innovation/ideation facilitators skilled at create the psychological space for creative group work, and encouraging the imagination at work.

We use a robust and resilient process that captures all ideas, and all ideas-that-lead-to-other-ideas!

Finally we generate a report that provides you with the full set of prioritized and completely-documented ideas that the session creates.