Qualitative Research

qualitative-researchWe design each project based on the specific strategic question and we draw from the full arsenal of qualitative methods: focus groups, one-on-one interviews, shop-alongs, dine-alongs, and observational studies.  We do research in digital and mobile spaces, with video diaries, in-vivo smartphone diaries, online focus groups, and online discussion forums.  We test advertising, new products, and new services.  We understand key attitudes, determine what drives behavior and identify the language that people use to describe their thoughts and feelings about brands, products and services.  Our moderators are deeply-experienced, RIVA trained individuals who use our proprietary method of reading body language, PERCEIVE™, developed by our founder, Dr. Anne Beall. Learn More

Quantitative Research

quantitative-researchWe have years of experience doing complex studies: online and offline (online surveys, in-person intercepts, in-person usage, telephone, mail, observation, etc.)  Our studies range from attitudes and usage to multi-phase, highly engineered tracking studies.  Our more sophisticated offerings include: segmentation studies, brand analysis and brand tracking, advertising effectiveness tracking, and conjoint studies.
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Digital Listening

digital-listeningWhat do all those product/service reviews really say?  What are consumers telling us about their perceptions of brands?  And what are the emotions that products/services and their associated brands are triggering?  Do you have a short timeframe for your research or a reduced budget?  Consider Digital Listening. Digital listening provides analyses of reviews, social media and any other digital content.  Using this method, we can tell you how positively and negatively consumers view a product or service and why.  We can tell you how competitors are viewed vis-à-vis your brand and what the strengths and weaknesses are for each brand.  We also conduct a special analysis that looks at the cognitions that people have about products and services.
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Due Diligence Research

due-diligence-researchWe help major private-equity companies determine whether to acquire a company or to take an investment or short position in a firm.  We conduct these studies on very short timeframes.  It’s with great pride that we can say that our work has played an integral role in numerous major acquisitions and investments.
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trainingWe offer seminars on topics, such as: Voice of Consumer: An Overview of How to Conduct Actionable Research, and Reading the Hidden Communications Around You: A Guide to Understanding Non-verbal Communication. We also can design training that meets the unique needs of your organization.
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ideationIdeation is another area of expertise for us.  We design and facilitate ideation retreats for your team when you need to generate new ideas for products, services, campaigns, programs, and names.
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